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How To Become A Travel Agent 
The industry of travel and tourism has grown significantly during the past 20 years as the number of international travelers has grown significantly. As many people travel for business and pleasure, the demand for qualified travel agents has increased tremendously.

How To Become A Travel Agent
How To Become A Travel Agent

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Munnar Kerala India

Travel agents must be knowledgeable in all aspects the travel industry as they provide the best travel arrangements to people through researching options, deals, and packages. Travel agents collect and sort through information to offer clients advice for destinations as well as make arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodations, transportation, car rentals, conventions, recreational activities and tours. Travel agents also promote travel packages with destination resort and specialty travel promotions to their clients.

Travel agents make reservations for air, boat, train, or car transportation, recommend and reserve hotels, and provide clients with tour packages. Travel agents also investigate local cultures, attractions, travel requirements, and local currency to prepare and provide information to clients for when they reach their destination.

Travel agents must also ensure international travelers have passports, visas, and certificates of vaccination Travel agents also must prepare their clients with knowledge regarding customs regulations, travel advisories, weather conditions, currency exchange rates, local ordinances and customs, attractions, and exhibitions upon reaching the traveler’s destination. Travel agents also often must accommodate unexpected developments, adjust itineraries, and book alternative arrangements for traveler’s in the event of trip changes.

Travel agents use many computer based sources to retrieve information necessary to provide clients with departure and arrival times, quality hotel accommodations, group discounts, and related fares. Many travel agents travel to resorts, restaurants, and hotels to ascertain the cleanliness, quality, and comfort of hotels and restaurants to assure their recommendations are accurate.

Travel agents may specialize specific demographic groups, destinations, or regions. Travel agents who work within tour and travel companies may assist in the development, arrangement, marketing, and sale of the company’s travel and tour services. These agents may market the travel and tour services via the Internet, direct mail, or telemarketing or by making presentations to groups, advertising displays, or creating company sponsored trips.

What is required to become a travel agent?

A career as a travel agent is often a rewarding experience. Many travel agents have the unique benefit of not only assisting people as they travel but also receiving reduced rates for transportation and lodging. Individuals interested in a career as a travel agent must have inherent personality traits in addition to experience in the field attained through educational and work experiences. Travel agents must be detail oriented, organized and possess strong communication and computer skills.

Travel agents must be able to manage stress as they deal with travel emergencies and scheduling issues. Travel agents also must be highly motivated and often work more than 40 hours at a desk making travel arrangements, promoting tours, completing paperwork, and meeting with clients. Travel agents who are self employed often work longer hours from their homes.

Individuals with an interest in a career as a travel agent may prepare while in high school. Students who participate in courses like history, world studies, foreign language, business communications, and English prepare for future careers as travel agents. Additionally, students may work as a reservations clerk within a hotel or receptionist within a travel agency during summers and other vacations to gain hands on experiences in the field.

Some students may begin entry level employment within a travel agency upon obtaining a high school diploma or G.E.D. Entry level jobs allow students the ability to learn the skills necessary to assist travel agents, find the best travel deals, prices, and packages, and work their way up to travel agent positions. Many employers prefer to hire candidates who have attained a college level degree within travel agency management, hospitality, or tourism. High school graduates may advance career and educational goals by enrolling in certificate, associate’s degree, or bachelor degree programs which provide the training and education necessary for work as qualified travel agents.

Most certificate programs consist of two week to 10 month long educational experience with courses in: travel and the travel profession, technology, geography basics, domestic air travel, accommodations, cruises, international travel, ground travel, tours, specialized sales, marketing, making a sale, home based agents, money matters, computer reservation systems, and business communications. Students who complete a certificate program may advance to entry level jobs within travel agencies or to higher degree programs.

Students interested in career as a travel agent may gain skills necessary for employment through vocational, public education, community, online, or college programs. Many vocational schools offer full-time travel agent programs. Travel agent courses also are offered in public education programs, online, and in community colleges.

Students who enroll in a two year associate’s degree program in travel and tourism operations learn communication and decision making skills through core general education courses and specialized training necessary for work as a travel agent. Courses for students seeking an associates degree include: customer relations, business writing, sales techniques for travel and tourism, reservation planning, ship, locomotive, plane, and car travel, geography, marketing, and travel industry forms and procedures for ticketing and reservations. Graduates from a two year degree wishing to advance their careers, bachelors and master’s degrees are also offered in travel, tourism, business administration or hospitality. Many bachelor and master’s level programs in this field include internships, which may be completed in a travel agency office. Students who complete a two year associates degree program may advance to higher degrees or work within travel agencies as assistant travel agents or entry level travel agents.

Students who enroll in a bachelor degree program in hospitality and tourism offer students diverse opportunities to expand knowledge and training necessary for work as travel agents. Core courses are generally geared toward expanding communication skills necessary for increasing relations with the public and help students cultivate decision making skills and expand problem solving skills. In addition to core courses, specialized courses in the field of hospitality and tourism instill the knowledge necessary for future career success. Courses for students seeking an bachelor degree include: legalities affecting the travel industry, travel and tourism marketing, travel and tourism for special interest groups, human resources management, business writing, sales techniques for travel and tourism, reservation planning, ship locomotive, plane and car travel, customer relations, and research methods.

Most bachelor degree programs require student to complete an internship within a travel agency to gain hands on experiences necessary for educational and professional advancement. Upon completion of a bachelor degree program in hospitality and tourism, graduates may gain employment in the travel and tourism industry as travel agents, personal cruise consultants, travel writers, travel agency supervisors, and corporate travel managers. Some graduates advance to master degree programs within the business discipline combined with a concentration in travel and hospitality.

Students who advance to master degree programs generally must pursue a Master Of Business with a concentration in travel and tourism. Courses like financial accounting, leadership and organizational behavior, strategic management, managerial economics and globalization, financial management, quantitative methods, marketing management, and law, ethics, and corporate governance are focused on business provide students with the knowledge necessary to base future career success. Specialized courses like strategic planning in hospitality and tourism, international tourism development and policy, air travel operations, impacts of tourism, travel agency operations and tours, management of tourism enterprises, e-Tourism, management of the hospitality industry, marketing services, tourism policy, planning, and development, and chain management and franchising.

Graduates from a master’s degree program are generally qualified to work as upper level executives within travel agencies, hotels, airlines, resorts, and other businesses in the travel and tourism sector. Some graduates upon earning work experience and required funds may open self owned travel businesses.

Graduates from any degree program may advance their skills and propel career goals by continuing education and receiving certification through various organizations. Travel agents are required to stay abreast of advancing technology as it changes and may do so by continuing education through courses, seminars, and workshops to remain informed of industry and technological changes.

The Airlines Reporting Corporation, The International Association of Travel Agents, the National Business Travel Association, and the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN) accredit travel agencies and travel agents that are financially sound and have at least one experienced manager. Membership in IATAN provides travel agencies with an added benefit of access to ticketing systems and travel agency codes. Many agents voluntarily certify through the above associations and earn a Certified Travel Counselor accreditation.

How do travel agents make their money?

Earnings, job prospects and employment stability for travel agents are largely related to the economy. Factors like economic downturns and international crises may cause a decline in the demand for travel agents. The U.S. Bureau Of Labor and Statistics predicts growth for specialized travel services, particularly for agents who provide clients with luxury, exotic, or customized trips or those who market their services to specific ethnic, age, or special interest groups. In addition, as many international visitors travel to the U.S., agents who market, organize, and sell tours to international clients are expected to be in demand..

Agents who specialize in specific destinations, luxury travel, or particular types of travelers, such as ethnic groups or groups with a special interest or hobby, should have the best chance for success. Salaries for travel agents vary and are based upon experience, geographic location, size of agency, and sales ability. Earnings for travel agents who own their own businesses are based upon commissions and fees charged to clients for services.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that median annual wages for travel agents range from $23,940 to $38,390. Established agents generally have higher earnings than less experienced agents. Travel servicing corporations often have increased salaries and greater benefits than those who work with in leisure travel.

How To Become A Travel Agent

Hey guys welcome back to Bminfoweb and I am here in Lakshadweep deep today actually I am sure a family trip it's me mum dad my thology, and I sis I'm the only in traveling with them this time and I'm here at Oxford a for the second time.

Lakshadweep Islands Tourism
Lakshadweep Islands Tourism

I came here in December at the same time in 2019 and I'm really looking forward to staying at this two other islands which I didn't cover the last time and so many of you people have been asking me how do you travel to Lakshadweep because you need to take a permit and yes you have to take a permit because they only allow a couple of people short because there's not a lot of places to stay here there are very few accommodations, so all you have to do is ask any travel agency and they will get the permit thing done see you and then you can visit Lakshadweep also please start booking way in advance because you have very limited spots as I told you so two three months in advance.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

What Is Munnar? Kerala Emerald Tea Plantations

Munnar Kerala India

Ranchi Tourism|Ranchi Tour Plan| Ranchi Tour Guide

I think you should pick to it and the last time and I stayed where I stay too booked at the last minute, so we couldn't get those AC Hut's which I have right here last time we stayed in tents at small island and refused to get rude usually hard during the afternoon so this time I'm hoping that we are will becoveredhey guys so what we do this is Bangaram one of the islands tena taro is where we stayed the last time it's somewhere - and we're just exploring this place, so I am making sure that I'm carrying this product around it's called iris its trump for you and it's like an I am Misato because I've been traveling so much and I'm not sleeping too well so my eyes I started getting a little puffy and before I got dark circles.

I want to just make sure that I have to sit up to get rid of that you just switch it on from here and it starts moving like that and it's very convenient to travel with it because it's very lightweight and you can just put it in your tiny backpack and carry it anywhere I make sure to use this in circular motions over my eyes so that my eyes don't look too puffy or like.

I haven't slept you're in a vacation hey guys, so we're just waiting for ourboard, and we still Ed Banger are we waiting for the boat so that we can leave and go to that class, and it's to port here evens in December it's so hard the only time which is good around here is either early morning or during the evening nothing saves the same always on the gold now never seem to slow down you'll be playing games but you don't pick up the phone now, but you know I'm never home now tell me when I'm out when am I gonna see hey guys, so we're finally here at cutmanand this is very a sting I'll just go outside and show you the view because it's so pretty.

I woke up at 6:00 in the morning to check out the sunrise of Cadmus Cadmusis like a very narrow long stretch of land in the middle of nowhere so either sides of just a half a kilometre of breadth of this island there's water and check out the beach you know you're always Bhimsen give me a sec hey guys I know it's super hard but I can't help myself actually want to go out for kayaking it's so much fun and on seven average every one of these island sat Lakshadweep if I made sure to go out during the sunset and do kayaking and the gods literally have to whistle em called me and my brother back so, it's really fun and it's super hard but Is till want to go galaxies are else hey guys so, it's our last day in Lakshadvip deep today and morning we went first not laying then we did banana port it was reallyfunny, and we just go and handing out a speech with mom and dad hello so it's our last lecture today and wear heading back tomorrow on this is LMS do you think that's my dad, so we're Bhimsen just go to khaki they never died and yeah you're heading my tomorrow.

Lakshadweep Islands Tourism

Ranchi is the capital city of Eastern Indian state Jharkhand. During British ruling, Ranchi was the summer capital of Bihar and was a well-known hill-station for the then ruling British people due to its altitude of 651 meters above the sea level. Other than a rich collection of flora and fauna, this mineral-rich city has some eminent tourist spots like Hundru Falls, Jhona falls, Kanke Dam, Tagore hill, and many others. Currently, this city with a plethora of natural beauty is slowly gaining popularity as a much-loved holiday destination of eastern India.

 Ranchi Tourism|Ranchi Tour Plan| Ranchi Tour Guide
Ranchi Tourism|Ranchi Tour Plan| Ranchi Tour Guide

Here is a short 3 days tour plan for this beautiful city.

Day-1 On day-1 of your tour, 1st reach Ranchi from your home town. Ranchi can be reached both by train or air. The nearest airport is Ranchi airport which is a domestic one. The closest global air terminal is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. The closest railroad station is Ranchi rail route station. From the railway station or airport, you can take an auto-rickshaw or reserved car for a whole day trip. The auto-rickshaw will charge around Rs 1500 to 2000 per day and a reserved cab will charge around Rs 3500 for a day-long trip. Upon reaching, 1st check in to your hotel and then go for a local sightseeing tour.

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 Top 14 Best Places To Visit In Ranchi

 Hundru waterfall 

 First, go to visit Hundru Falls. To reach the main waterfalls area you have to climb down several steps from the outside car parking space. Hundru falls is the most beautiful waterfalls in Ranchi formed by River Subarnarekha. The falls drops from a height of 320feet and creates a spectacular landscape for the viewers. The falls area is surrounded by fresh green hills which are also a treat for the eyes. At the entrance of the waterfalls, there are some small tea stalls and local souvenir stalls . The car parking charge here is Rs25 per hour and the entry fee is Rs 7 per person. 

Jhonha falls 

Next, go to visit Jhonha falls. At Jonha falls you have to park your car a little above the waterfalls area and from there climb down the staircases to enter into the main falls region. The car parking charge here is Rs25 per hour and the entry fee is Rs 7 per person. The holy waters of River Ganga and River Raru merged and drops from a height of 45 meters to form this beautiful waterfalls. The surrounding area of the falls region is covered with lush green trees and shrubs. The rolling water, large rocks, and green trees make this a spectacular tourist attraction of the city.

 Sita falls 

From there go to visit Sita falls. Unlike Hundru and jonha falls, Sita falls is a relatively unknown waterfall in Ranchi. Set amidst dense evergreen forest this waterfalls is a treat for eyes. The car parking charge here is Rs25 per hour and the entry fee is Rs 7 per person.

Jagannath Temple 

Next, go to visit Ranchi Jagannath Temple. This Temple was built in the Year 1691 and currently is the most religious place of Ranchi. Located on a hill-top, this smaller replica of Jagannath Temple in Puri has some intricate stone carvings on its wall.

Hatia Dam 

From there go to visit Hatia Dam. This is an artificial water reservoir and is a famous picnic spot for locals.

Sun Temple 

Day-2 On day-2 morning first, go to visit Ranchi Sun Temple. Located amidst the lush green hilly region of Ranchi, this beautiful temple was built in the shape of a huge chariot with 18 wheels and driven by seven white horses. This famous Hindu Shrine is worth visiting due to its beautiful architecture and gorgeous surrounding.

Dassam Falls 

Next, go to visit Dassam Falls. This is a beautiful waterfall near Ranchi. The place is surrounded by evergreen forests and it is a pleasure to watch the water cascade dropping from a height of 144 feet. Overall, this is a must-visit place if you are traveling Ranchi. The car parking charge here is Rs25 per hour and the entry fee is Rs 7 per person.

Bio Diversity Park 

From there go to Ranchi Bio Diversity Park. This is a man-made garden and currently is a much-loved picnic spot for local people. This place has numerous entertainment facilities for both adults and kids. You may enjoy nature walk here through the forest zone. There is also a separate garden for medicinal plants and a separate cactus garden. The cactus garden has numerous species of cactus from hot desert, cold desert, sun dunes, and kutch region. There is also a separate play area for kids. Entry Fee here is Rs 30 per head, Camera charge is Rs 70 and car parking charge is Rs 30.

Ranchi Zoo 

Next, go to visit Ranchi Zoo. The Ranchi Zoo is named as Bhagaban Birsa Zoological Park. It is named after famous Tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda. Ranchi zoological park has a huge collection of wild animals, deer, and birds. This zoo is a part of the animal adoption program and one can adopt an animal from here and contribute to the wildlife preservation drive of this park. Entry fee here is Rs 40 per person.

Tiger Hill

Next, go to visit Tiger hill. The place is located at a high altitude. Since this is an isolated place you can enjoy serenity here. It is named after the famous poet, Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore. He used to come here and the found the loved the serenity and atmosphere of this hill.

 Nakshatra Van 

 Next, go to Nakshatra Van. This is an urban park and popular picnic spot maintained by the forest department. You can see designer fountains and lovely flowers here. Enjoy a walk around this beautiful park.

Kanke Dam 

Day-3 On day-3 morning, first, go to visit rock garden and Kanke Dam. Ranchi Rock Garden is situated on a hilltop adjacent to Kanke Dam. The beautifully decorated garden is the perfect weekend excursion destination for the locals as well as for the tourists. The view of Kanke Dam and the surrounding area from the top of this garden is worth mentioning. The prime attraction of this garden is an iron footbridge which is supported by only two poles. The entry fee here is Rs 30 per person. Camera charge is Rs50 and Car parking charge is Rs 20.

Pahari Mandir 

 From there go to visit Pahari Mandir. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a holy shrine for the Hindu devotees. The temple is located at a relatively high altitude and you can get a bird’s eye view of the city from here. 

Ranchi Lake 

Next, go to visit Ranchi Lake. The Lake is located at the base of Ranchi hill. This is a well-maintained Lake where you can spend some quality time and can go for a picnic here.

In the evening of Day-3, return to Ranchi station for departure. Things to remember: During our Ranchi tour, we missed some beautiful places due to the time problem.

 If you can add more days to your tour plan you may also enjoy Topchanchi Lake, Patratu Valley, Fun Castle Water Park. These are also some of the beautiful places around Ranchi.

Where to Stay There are plenty of Hotels available near Ranchi station where you can put up for the night. A mid-level hotel will charge around Rs 1000-1500 per day. For Total package cost, Please let us know your opinions regarding this tour package in the comment section below. Your suggestions mean a lot to us.

Ranchi Tourism|Ranchi Tour Plan| Ranchi Tour Guide

The unique beauty of the earth really knows no end reception of, and today we are counting down our choice for another top 10 most beautiful places in the world, before we start we publish new content every day so subscribe to our blog and subscribe To be sure of this list to be notified about our latest post we are taking a look at the natural world.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World
Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

No- 1. Lofoten Norland Norway here to visit for our top pick. If you're looking for a natural environment Lofoten Paint is easily one of the grandest landmarks that could possibly inspire your empty canvas whether you prefer to climb the stunning mountain peak of the heat graphs tintin biking down a trail or several bays of archipelago Going to a surf in one of the lopotene, everyone can attempt to gaze at a scenic activity visitors can also gaze at the night sky as inspiring to try and catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights as awe. This Arctic destination Lofoten may eventually be a humble piece of paradise that invites visitors to bask in their welcome grandeur.

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No- 2. santorini blooms with Greece. Santorini is one of the most striking islands you'll ever visit with terraced whitewashed houses sprinkled across if you took all man-made structures out of the mix it's still spectacular beaches and fascinating trails sailing island activities like hiking and horseback What's writing to be in natural nirvana unlike any other with the perfect background offers? Santorini makes calm scenery and emotions so interesting that the archipelago was the site of the 17th-century Minoan volcanic eruption which left behind a volcanic crater from this devastating disaster, although one of the most stunning places in the Earth to change and thrive First we are referring to some honorable.

No- 3. Aashikaga Flower Park Ashikaga. Japan draped in color purple a Chicago Flower Park competes with African mention lavender areas for purple supremacy This flower park consists not only of the nation's oldest wisteria, but the largest as well as still standing on the nearly 150-year-old one-on-special wisteria Trees include thousands of feet, while Wisteria Park's most prominent plant it is not the only species of flower on display throughout the year are treated to a variety of changes with the weather among visitors, this flower park and bamboo forest of Asashi Yama Japan is just an architectural perspective From exceptional plant life.

No- 4. Bora Bora French Polynesia. If you are looking for a romantic honeymoon location or just a relaxing place, you can't go wrong with Bora Bora located in the PAC to get away. Ific Ocean This group of French Polynesian islands is allied with heaven, including virtually everything we palm trees green mountains, including sandy beaches and vibrant coral reefs with a sparkling lagoon surrounding an extinct volcano in the main island and heart, all form of the whole region. In a postcard as beautiful, while many resorts have sprouted across Bora Bora they fortunately have not taken away from the country's natural beauty which overflows with tropical peace.

No- 5. Rainbow Mountains Chengyi Dan Xia China Warni National Land Park looks like something out of a real painting , made him also a skittles commercially distinctive rock structures display. With different stripes of color spreading across the country thousands of years through the effects of rain and wind it is as if a rainbow is reflecting on Earth it is also drawing a layer comparing cakes serving some of the most delicious sights on planets. Menu it's really hard to believe these multicolored mountains are real, but you can count on your eyes.

No- 6. sky Scotland draw in the ISI of Britain Isle of Sky's Isle of Sky second you might snap a landscape out of that name you have a fairy tale And this magical Scottish island does not disappoint with its grand, hills and water bodies that practically call out visitors. Those who enjoy walking and climbing will be specially prepared for the Kulin mountain range, which consists of 15 peaks that reach 3,000 feet above the Scottish mountain near Malibu. Saying best that this quote sticks out of the north's west coast, ready for Scotland like a lobster paw, the

No- 7. Redwood National Park California USA Redwood National and State Park is best known for their huge trees which skyrocket in. The bleak sky above the smelled planetary house is the tallest tree species this forest hikers and campers have shrunk down to the size of ants as if they are powerful, and even scare as the coast redwood as it is also an endangered flora of these. for maybe. California parks have managed to protect 45 percent of the remaining old-growth redwood forests, relative to these trees rare further contributes to their inspiring nature. Redwoods aren't the only reason prairie grasslands travel as rivers, and blurred atmosphere many aweaque viewers.

No- 8. Valance old plateau provo France is taking place between June and August during the summer with the blooming season if Purple is considering booking a trip to your favorite color Provens. For tourists wishing to stroll through lavender areas in this area I have a special warm spot rich with poppin flowers In addition to various lavender festivals Valles Ole Plateau you also want to be an ideal place for beautiful flow where a picnic is an ideal place for Ers an already picturesque place and even brighter above all it reminds us to take a break and lavender.

No- 9. namib desert adding namibia Afric one when people think about the beautiful scenery desert. Usually the first scenarios that namib minds aren't leaping, a barren beauty but expanding 1,200 miles with splendor in its sandy simplicity now the man may naturally be the vast place to lengthen the coastal desert translating travelthrough this Every step southern namib worth it, but every step southern namib is probably best known for its sand, the heavy dunes that vary in color is wonderful for these dunes to see geologists who attract a desire to understand better. Their unusual nature of land is also one of the most important places for diamond mining, although Namib itself is the true diamond in rough.

No- 10. Torta del Pyni Patagonia more grand places across Chile.This national park has no shortage of remarkable landmarks, it has many attractive lakes to host pay-out ways to highlight Dixon and grey speaking from which gray glaciers just dream many ice a gate area a hiker or mountain climbers, and so far.

Torah Dead Pine is one of three granite peaks these Giants bound to leave, including olumns stretch 8,000 feet vertically from a glacial lake so to see there is not a bad vantage point, to be found the park also of deer foxes and Guanako roaming free of s Was home to some majestic wildlife, the only beauty.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

 This is Munnar, an idyllic hill station in the south of India. It’s famous for its luscious emerald green tea plantations and I’m going to give you a quick summary of the place. So Munnar is located close to equator in Kerala; the state where colonialism first started in India Now Kerala has a very hot and tropical climate, but the British rulers living there found a way to escape the humidity. They would travel up into the hills, 1600 metres above sea level until they reached Munnar. A group of us heard these stories of cool mountain air and decided to take the journey ourselves. On our way up, we stopped at various bus stations.

What Is Munnar? Kerala Emerald Tea Plantations
What Is Munnar? Kerala Emerald Tea Plantations

==>Munnar Kerala India

==>Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

==> Ranchi Tourism|Ranchi Tour Plan| Ranchi Tour Guide

 l was amazed at the incredible colourful clothing worn by the locals. And what is this dress I hear you ask? This is a ‘lungi’; a fairly common piece of clothing in certain parts of Asia where it’s simply too humid to wear trousers. We took a rickshaw higher into the hills. Eventually we reached our guesthouse and felt a nice cool breeze in the air. The host greeted us with tea, freshly made from our surroundings. Inside this is white tea.

 White tea is very costly. Where are you from? Germany, Brazil and England Where are you from? Here, Munnar! Really nice place He was a super relaxed man, but how could you not be if you live up here? Life basically becomes one long mediation. This is nice! TEA EXPLAINED There are many drinks we call tea However you’re only technically drinking tea if it’s made from a 'Camellia sinensis' indigenous to India and China.

Black, green and white tea are all made from this same plant. So I'm here in Munnar, exploring the tea plantations It's just a landscape of rolling hills, feels like I'm In some fantasy world Apparently there are snakes in these bushes, so hopefully I don't get bitten on camera!

There are also wild elephants, roaming the hills of Munnar so you do have to keep an eye out when exploring There's a storm coming. The pristine hills, the mist, valleys, streams, waterfalls all make Munnar an ideal place to relax. And if you do want some action, there is a small lively town. So that was a quick insight into Munnar!

If you’re in India and need some silence, then check it out. However be warned, once you make it up there, it's very difficult to leave! Thanks for Reading, and make sure you subscribe if you want to learn more about amazing places in India and all over the globe!

What Is Munnar? Kerala Emerald Tea Plantations

Munnar Kerala India
Munnar Kerala India

Kerala Munnar Trip

Hi friends I'm Bhimsen welcome to our blog I would like to share glimpses of my recent trip to Munnar. Munnar is a hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala which is full of scenic beauty it is around 2,000 meters above sea level and enjoys a cool Pleasant weather throughout the year endless mountains' tea estates waterfalls lakes dams good food and kind people are all around the place many fun activities like boating trekking hill climbing are also offered for tourists.

➡️What Is Munnar? Kerala Emerald Tea Plantations

➡️Top 10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

Munnar Trip From Chennai

Overall it's a great place for summer trips we travel from Chennai to Munnar for a four-day trip in December 2019 the nearest airport and railway station to reach Munnar would be Cochin which is about 120 kilometres away from there you can catch a bus or taxi to reach Munnar the private bus that we had taken from Chennai started at 8:30 p.m. and reach Munnar the next day around 10:15 a.m.

We had finished her breakfast at a place called Mario where our bus had stopped at 7:30 a.m. from the bus stop we took an order to reach our hotel which we had booked online the hotel people were kind enough to let us check in at 10:30 itself the room was quite convenient with a great view of the Tea estate we hadn't planned much for our day one of the trips after taking a shower we went straight to have lunch we ordered for some mutton biryani which was served along with some Popham pickle and Raita along with that we also had some beef fry the food was wonderful.

Places To Visit In Munnar

After lunch we went to haidle park the sunshine and that chilled weather was actually feeling very good here you can see an elephant cut out from a single tree from the path even straight to the team museum it was a very good place where we spent about one hour we got to see the tea manufacturing process, and also buy some pure tea varieties we then came back to her hotel room to relax for couple of hours in the evening.

We went to the town to see the local vegetable market, and the shops around we did pick up a little stuff for snacking which I will show later the nearby Tata Cara looked very tempting, and we decided to have our dinner there itself after coming back to our hotel room we enjoyed the three tomato which we had purchased we also bought some homemade chocolate's banana chips and tea varieties the second day we had booked a local taxi for sightseeing our first stop was the flower garden which is a very well maintained place with plenty of plants it even had some rare flowers and it's a great place for plant lovers on our way we saw a tree which had been combed in every single branch it was known as the jungle honeybee tree.

Next we saw the motto PT damn, and the Kundalini major attraction in these two places is the bow thing speedboat or board and pedal boats are available he also enjoyed some fresh carrots we had lunch at a nearby place called the nude theory which served very good homely food it was Carla red rice served with fish curry fish fry Samba Polly sherry, and some vegetable side dishes afternoon.

Tea Factory Munnar

We went to the tea factory where we saw the actual process of tea production and packaging Photography was not allowed thereafter seeing the top station view and clicking some pictures we headed back to a hotel room for dinner.

We again went to the same party Cara you can see the guy making kappa biryani this time we got some dried fruit varieties for sampling on the third day, we saw the color waterfalls, and the AutoCAD waterfalls these places are great for photo shoots.

Next we went to a Kerala farm where we got to see cardamom coffee and pepper plantations the place also sold Ayurvedic medicines homemade chocolates and Han lung saris.

Munnar To Cochin

Afternoon 3:00 p.m. we had to say bye to the beautiful place Munnar and take our bus to Cochin that night, we had dinner at Cochin we again had some local Kerala for like the Patrice Parata puta the beef Korean beef right we had only one daytime in Cochin, so we saw just a few places there we went to marine drive and took a boat to Martin Giri here we saw the Dutch Palace the Jewish town and the synagogue it gave us a feel of the Jewish settlements which was once in that place on the way we had a small snack of lemon soda and spiced pineapple piece.

Next we went to Fort Kochi there we saw the most popular Chinese fishing nets which was introduced by the Chinese traders for lunch we had kapa and fish curry which was made with fish that were just caught in the evening we enjoyed some local Kerala snacks in our hotel room in this plate, we have some Kolkata well lay upon may / 3 and oomiya poom he had it with a cup of college AIA we also tried the stuffed Patria and the param poori after sampling all these snacks we were so full that we had to skip our dinner in the night we caught our train back home on the whole it was a very pleasant and relaxing trip.

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