Liberty University

liberty university campus
liberty university campus

Liberty University was originally founded by Jerry Falwell, Sr. as Lynchburg Baptist College during 1971. Located within Lynchburg, Virginia, Falwell created the university to extend higher education to residential students while promoting Christianity based spiritual development. Falwell’s vision was to develop a world renown institute for higher learning focused upon academics, biblical truth, and athletics. During 1976, the university changed its name to Liberty Baptist College and 8 years later gained university status.

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liberty university campus

The university then was renamed Liberty University. the university quickly became the largest Christian college throughout the world and has expanded to offer over 230 programs of study located within its 6,000 acre campus and through online programs. All of Liberty’s students follow The Liberty Way code of conduct based in a solid doctrinal mission statement promoting the balance between spirituality, freedom, and academics.

Liberty's programs have grown to be able to get the highest qualification made available from the Southern Relationship of Colleges and Universities since 1980. Liberty has one of the highest acceptance rates for traditional, on campus students as well as for online students maintaining job or family responsibilities while pursuing a degree.

liberty university online degree

Liberty’s LU Online is one of the top distance learning programs offering 36 degrees. LU Online awards associates through doctoral degrees in a 16 week format similar to its on campus courses as well as 8 week subterm courses. Liberty offers one of the best bachelor of science in religion programs available online. The Christian based religion degree provides students knowledge based upon a biblical foundation and the fundamentals of the Bible, Christianity, Christian theology, and the Christian church.

Students gain an educational experience instilling oral and written communication skills, contemporary issues in ministry, and managing professional ministry issues in personal and professional environments. Courses include: contemporary worldviews, survey of biblical literature, Old Testament survey, New Testament survey, inductive bible study, John, Acts, Genesis, Romans, Daniel – Revelation, biblical archeology, History of the Christian church, methods of teaching Bible and religion, evangelism and the Christian life, introduction to missions, cultural anthropology, contemporary mission problems and issues, history and survey of missions, philosophy and contemporary idea, Christian evidences, pastoral duties, organization and administration of the local church, introduction to Christian thought, theology survey, the person and work of Christ, fundamental theological issues, principles of youth ministry, foundations of youth ministry, campus ministry, biblical foundations of worship, role of the worship leader, principles of leadership for the worship leader, and current issues in worship. Graduates from a bachelor degree in religion may advance to employment in a range of church ministry jobs or continue to advanced degree or seminary programs.

Attaining a degree from LU Online’s accredited religion programs are one of the best paths to gaining the education and experience necessary for future success in fields like youth ministry, women’s ministry, biblical studies, intercultural studies, theology, worship, pastoral leadership, or church ministries.
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