What Is Munnar? Kerala Emerald Tea Plantations

 This is Munnar, an idyllic hill station in the south of India. It’s famous for its luscious emerald green tea plantations and I’m going to give you a quick summary of the place. So Munnar is located close to equator in Kerala; the state where colonialism first started in India Now Kerala has a very hot and tropical climate, but the British rulers living there found a way to escape the humidity. They would travel up into the hills, 1600 metres above sea level until they reached Munnar. A group of us heard these stories of cool mountain air and decided to take the journey ourselves. On our way up, we stopped at various bus stations.

What Is Munnar? Kerala Emerald Tea Plantations
What Is Munnar? Kerala Emerald Tea Plantations

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 l was amazed at the incredible colourful clothing worn by the locals. And what is this dress I hear you ask? This is a ‘lungi’; a fairly common piece of clothing in certain parts of Asia where it’s simply too humid to wear trousers. We took a rickshaw higher into the hills. Eventually we reached our guesthouse and felt a nice cool breeze in the air. The host greeted us with tea, freshly made from our surroundings. Inside this is white tea.

 White tea is very costly. Where are you from? Germany, Brazil and England Where are you from? Here, Munnar! Really nice place He was a super relaxed man, but how could you not be if you live up here? Life basically becomes one long mediation. This is nice! TEA EXPLAINED There are many drinks we call tea However you’re only technically drinking tea if it’s made from a 'Camellia sinensis' indigenous to India and China.

Black, green and white tea are all made from this same plant. So I'm here in Munnar, exploring the tea plantations It's just a landscape of rolling hills, feels like I'm In some fantasy world Apparently there are snakes in these bushes, so hopefully I don't get bitten on camera!

There are also wild elephants, roaming the hills of Munnar so you do have to keep an eye out when exploring There's a storm coming. The pristine hills, the mist, valleys, streams, waterfalls all make Munnar an ideal place to relax. And if you do want some action, there is a small lively town. So that was a quick insight into Munnar!

If you’re in India and need some silence, then check it out. However be warned, once you make it up there, it's very difficult to leave! Thanks for Reading, and make sure you subscribe if you want to learn more about amazing places in India and all over the globe!
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