Top 8 Arts/BA Colleges In India-Govt & Private Colleges

Top 8 Arts/BA Colleges In India-Govt & Private Colleges
Top 8 Arts/BA Colleges In India-Govt & Private Colleges

Hello and welcome to another tutorial on the fresh well blog on jobs and careers. My name is Bhimsen, and today we will be discussing about the best college for art, until a decade ago it was believed that the world policeman could only be associated with the professional.

The course was then realized by students pursuing their degree in science at this point at a point where the concept of getting a job before leaving college campus is what people thought are studying art, we're less than our counterparts , but it's far from the truth the factor that sets a man above the lower beasts is a list of the fact that he's really emotional, and can understand what his culture and surroundings are exactly what art you here teaches, is a list of the top eight colleges , rome the nooks and corners of the land that f has been chosen and have found their way into this converted list.

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Please note that the list we provide is not in one order, and we have randomized it and we were established in 1956 as Lady Shri Ram College for Women New Delhi for the first time as per our knowledge. Women for Women Mr. Ram College is one that has not only survived but just established itself as a top college to pursue a degree in art with the country with a three-year undergraduate course 60 The college is a very active placement cell costing slightly more than 000, as students are encouraged to go for internships while advancing, as during which they make 10,000 to 15,000 per month.

The second Loyola College Chennai has endured that it is always at the helm of the conditions of providing quality education to its student. Loyola focuses on imparting practical and industry-related knowledge to its students, and that is why placement sales ensure that all students of the last year are then known for some form of internship to sit for actual placements. is made for e. Where many top-notch companies go to the premises. For the same time, Google Goldman Sachs e&Y is one of the top companies that contribute to placements in this college.

Third at Christ College Bangalore with an average course fee of 60,000 this college offers the best facilities in terms of quality of infrastructure and education Psychology and Performing Arts courses in the college are also the most innovative to be offered by any institution. Among the people, the average student package is Rs 4.5 lakh per annum.

Compensation went all the way to 14 million per year making it one of the most sought-after collegein the country for Saint Xavier's College Mumbai.
In 2010, Mumbai is the first college to become autonomous under the University of Mumbai. The belief structure of Saint Xavier College College is very affordable to see that at least students do not have to pay more than 17 thousand for a three-year undergraduate course, but this does not mean that the quality of college education or the placement of its students is compromised. College 98% Logical Makia.

Fifth This Myranda House has recorded the placement of another all-female institution under New Delhi Delhi University Myranda House believes in providing equal opportunities to all women so that they can take the mental of civilization and make the country a new heights of pride. It has a modest fee structure of 12,000 for a graduate course in the arts. The placement seen in this college is promising with a number of very multinationals the same year after six this hunting Raj college new Delhi established a year after independence the college is true to its value and over the years it established itself as a temple To set up firms like TCS, the capital of nation companies going to campus range from startups like OF Learning and Flipkart, the college has registered an average placement of 80 per cent the average package on campus goes all the way up to 6 lakh per annum.

7 This is Mr. Ram College of Commerce New Delhi A typical government college of Shri Ram College of Commerce aims to bring quality education to the fingertips of the average Indian. The fee structure in this college is very nominal and if the student is working hard, and putting, I can t be sure in reasonable effort that he or she will be happy on campus.

A Hindu college New Delhi is a legacy for this college established in 1899 Tip this college has a modest fee structure of about fourteen thousand 500 for a undergraduate course in arts The facilities of The Afras College's Tracher and Hostel are commendable, with the highest placement package of twenty-nine million.

This college is definitely making its way to the top in the country, if you are looking for more question papers and placement papers then fresh is also the perfect destination for the first solution on an average freshers new papers on a daily basis will post 200 jobs and much more then Please login to Glow will not come to all your career-related solutions and thank us for having new people subscribe well to keep the blog on jobs and careers.
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