Top 10 Best Universities In The World

Top ten best universities in the World University rankings can focus on many different factors, including students and alum extracurricular benefits such as top athletics programs the affordability of tuition and the attractiveness of expected campus satisfaction. But if the focus is on academic reputation scholars excel, an intellectual hp ranking this article you want in universities in this ranking.

Top 10 Best Universities In The World
Top 10 Best Universities In The World

If you will rub shoulders with talented faculty and students, the world will develop your knowledge and skills, so that, you will be in a position to join the world's elite academic scientists and thinkers for this ranking, yourself. We saw the Center for World-class universities run by Shanghai Jiaotong University this center specializes in ranking universities around the world from academic performance.

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Top 10 Best Universities In The World

1. Harvard University

The number one Harvard University standard, by which all other researches universities is measured. No school ever challenged its status as the world's premier academic institution in the history of the Shanghai rankings established in 1636, only 16 years after Mayflower's Plymouth Rock touched down at Harvard. The world's richest nation is the oldest school in, and it is capitalized on this grant under the leadership of benefit manager Jack Myers the school's endowment fund grew from $4.6 billion to twenty-five point eight billion dollars in 15 years today over $36 billion near the university, and this fate is still growing.

2. Stanford University

Number two Stanford University has accessed to several world-class research resources with Stanford, an 18-point 7 billion dollar endowment. The school's 1189-acre Jasper Ridge biologically protected scientists study ecosystems firsthand it has 150-foot radio, the telescope's dish study nicknamed Ionium Stanford also trying to bring back a 315-acre housing reserve which actively endangered California tiger salamander Has been, boasts, and researches the Accelerator Laboratory of SLA view actively advances the U.S. Department. Since its inception in 1861 MIT.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The number three. Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the century and a half has become the world's preeminent science research center. The university is known to deal with a focused approach that uses first-class methods. World-class problems This practical creativity has produced scientists and engineers as well as 80 Nobel Laureates, 53 MacArthur Fellows and 28 National Armies of Technology and Innovation Winners.

4. University of California

The number four university of California at Berkeley is unique among the worlds's elite universities. Most of the schools competing with schools are privately owned, but Berkeley is a state school though a private schools university with elite status has pleasant city with more than 36,000 students an easy commuting distance of San Francisco with Berkeley in a pleasant city Settled Berkeley is also one of the largest elite universities.

5. University of Cambridge

The world's number five University of Cambridge as one of the oldest universities in Cambridge is an ancient school steeped in tradition, but despite many memories its grand Gothic architecture conjured up by Cambridge university has not lived in the past, only Oxford remains one of the world's elite research institutes. It's the rival in the UK and only a handful of American schools able to do so from abroad make it more than 18,000 students represent more than 135 countries and it has earned more than 80 Nobel winners.

6. Princeton University

 Number six Princeton University is one of the oldest most historic universities in the United States. It bears an artillery trail from the famous Nassau Hall still princeton's 1777 battle and its former President John Witherspoon was the only university president to sign the Declaration of Independence Princeton to no law school medical school business school or divinity school instead Professional programs it has to develop self-consciously developed into a large-scale research-driven think tank.

7. California Institute of Technology

The number seven California Institute of Technology can assign a textbook to any school. You read on your own, but research universities is proud to give themselves the opportunity to work with leaders in your respective fields, which write textbooks of course in order to do it efficiently to a school a decent student faculty ratio some schools cal tech Can beat three. A proportion which is one of the many reasons, why this relatively young school has risen to international prominence, including its faculty 33 Nobel. Winners 58 National Science Medal Recipients 13 National Technology and Innovation Recipients and 111 National Academies of Sciences Medal Members.

8. Columbia University Columbia

Number eight Columbia University Columbia is the leading university in the New York metropolitan area that gives its students many unique opportunities, that only Wall Street can close the United Nations Broadway and other epithet centers of finance politics and culture. Also bring the ideal place of the university gives its students a chance to interact with various other esteemed institutions like New York University 82 Columbia, who has won the Nobel Prize at some point in their careers.

9. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago, the number nine, was founded only in 1890. It's making it one of the youngest elite universities in the world, but despite its youth the school has led many of the world's most important scientific achievements, but Chicago is just a science school also a science school in the Humanities and its world-renowned economics department and The highly distinguished committee known as the thinkers do not possess great depth with elite programs in social sciences, including their interdisciplinary gathering, on social musings.

10. Oxford University

Number 10 Oxford University has survived its original mark back to the 13th century with its intellectual roots strongly adapted to medieval educationalism centuries time impose at Oxford, and what it has become in today is one of the worlds, in any world The name Oxford, perhaps the most influential center of learning more than other school, is synonymous with knowledge, and this is the reason for learning, because the school runs with offices on the world's largest, and arguably the most prestigious academic press of 50 countries.
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