Ranchi Tourism|Ranchi Tour Plan| Ranchi Tour Guide

Ranchi is the capital city of Eastern Indian state Jharkhand. During British ruling, Ranchi was the summer capital of Bihar and was a well-known hill-station for the then ruling British people due to its altitude of 651 meters above the sea level. Other than a rich collection of flora and fauna, this mineral-rich city has some eminent tourist spots like Hundru Falls, Jhona falls, Kanke Dam, Tagore hill, and many others. Currently, this city with a plethora of natural beauty is slowly gaining popularity as a much-loved holiday destination of eastern India.

 Ranchi Tourism|Ranchi Tour Plan| Ranchi Tour Guide
Ranchi Tourism|Ranchi Tour Plan| Ranchi Tour Guide

Here is a short 3 days tour plan for this beautiful city.

Day-1 On day-1 of your tour, 1st reach Ranchi from your home town. Ranchi can be reached both by train or air. The nearest airport is Ranchi airport which is a domestic one. The closest global air terminal is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport. The closest railroad station is Ranchi rail route station. From the railway station or airport, you can take an auto-rickshaw or reserved car for a whole day trip. The auto-rickshaw will charge around Rs 1500 to 2000 per day and a reserved cab will charge around Rs 3500 for a day-long trip. Upon reaching, 1st check in to your hotel and then go for a local sightseeing tour.

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 Top 14 Best Places To Visit In Ranchi

 Hundru waterfall 

 First, go to visit Hundru Falls. To reach the main waterfalls area you have to climb down several steps from the outside car parking space. Hundru falls is the most beautiful waterfalls in Ranchi formed by River Subarnarekha. The falls drops from a height of 320feet and creates a spectacular landscape for the viewers. The falls area is surrounded by fresh green hills which are also a treat for the eyes. At the entrance of the waterfalls, there are some small tea stalls and local souvenir stalls . The car parking charge here is Rs25 per hour and the entry fee is Rs 7 per person. 

Jhonha falls 

Next, go to visit Jhonha falls. At Jonha falls you have to park your car a little above the waterfalls area and from there climb down the staircases to enter into the main falls region. The car parking charge here is Rs25 per hour and the entry fee is Rs 7 per person. The holy waters of River Ganga and River Raru merged and drops from a height of 45 meters to form this beautiful waterfalls. The surrounding area of the falls region is covered with lush green trees and shrubs. The rolling water, large rocks, and green trees make this a spectacular tourist attraction of the city.

 Sita falls 

From there go to visit Sita falls. Unlike Hundru and jonha falls, Sita falls is a relatively unknown waterfall in Ranchi. Set amidst dense evergreen forest this waterfalls is a treat for eyes. The car parking charge here is Rs25 per hour and the entry fee is Rs 7 per person.

Jagannath Temple 

Next, go to visit Ranchi Jagannath Temple. This Temple was built in the Year 1691 and currently is the most religious place of Ranchi. Located on a hill-top, this smaller replica of Jagannath Temple in Puri has some intricate stone carvings on its wall.

Hatia Dam 

From there go to visit Hatia Dam. This is an artificial water reservoir and is a famous picnic spot for locals.

Sun Temple 

Day-2 On day-2 morning first, go to visit Ranchi Sun Temple. Located amidst the lush green hilly region of Ranchi, this beautiful temple was built in the shape of a huge chariot with 18 wheels and driven by seven white horses. This famous Hindu Shrine is worth visiting due to its beautiful architecture and gorgeous surrounding.

Dassam Falls 

Next, go to visit Dassam Falls. This is a beautiful waterfall near Ranchi. The place is surrounded by evergreen forests and it is a pleasure to watch the water cascade dropping from a height of 144 feet. Overall, this is a must-visit place if you are traveling Ranchi. The car parking charge here is Rs25 per hour and the entry fee is Rs 7 per person.

Bio Diversity Park 

From there go to Ranchi Bio Diversity Park. This is a man-made garden and currently is a much-loved picnic spot for local people. This place has numerous entertainment facilities for both adults and kids. You may enjoy nature walk here through the forest zone. There is also a separate garden for medicinal plants and a separate cactus garden. The cactus garden has numerous species of cactus from hot desert, cold desert, sun dunes, and kutch region. There is also a separate play area for kids. Entry Fee here is Rs 30 per head, Camera charge is Rs 70 and car parking charge is Rs 30.

Ranchi Zoo 

Next, go to visit Ranchi Zoo. The Ranchi Zoo is named as Bhagaban Birsa Zoological Park. It is named after famous Tribal freedom fighter Birsa Munda. Ranchi zoological park has a huge collection of wild animals, deer, and birds. This zoo is a part of the animal adoption program and one can adopt an animal from here and contribute to the wildlife preservation drive of this park. Entry fee here is Rs 40 per person.

Tiger Hill

Next, go to visit Tiger hill. The place is located at a high altitude. Since this is an isolated place you can enjoy serenity here. It is named after the famous poet, Nobel Laureate Rabindra Nath Tagore. He used to come here and the found the loved the serenity and atmosphere of this hill.

 Nakshatra Van 

 Next, go to Nakshatra Van. This is an urban park and popular picnic spot maintained by the forest department. You can see designer fountains and lovely flowers here. Enjoy a walk around this beautiful park.

Kanke Dam 

Day-3 On day-3 morning, first, go to visit rock garden and Kanke Dam. Ranchi Rock Garden is situated on a hilltop adjacent to Kanke Dam. The beautifully decorated garden is the perfect weekend excursion destination for the locals as well as for the tourists. The view of Kanke Dam and the surrounding area from the top of this garden is worth mentioning. The prime attraction of this garden is an iron footbridge which is supported by only two poles. The entry fee here is Rs 30 per person. Camera charge is Rs50 and Car parking charge is Rs 20.

Pahari Mandir 

 From there go to visit Pahari Mandir. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a holy shrine for the Hindu devotees. The temple is located at a relatively high altitude and you can get a bird’s eye view of the city from here. 

Ranchi Lake 

Next, go to visit Ranchi Lake. The Lake is located at the base of Ranchi hill. This is a well-maintained Lake where you can spend some quality time and can go for a picnic here.

In the evening of Day-3, return to Ranchi station for departure. Things to remember: During our Ranchi tour, we missed some beautiful places due to the time problem.

 If you can add more days to your tour plan you may also enjoy Topchanchi Lake, Patratu Valley, Fun Castle Water Park. These are also some of the beautiful places around Ranchi.

Where to Stay There are plenty of Hotels available near Ranchi station where you can put up for the night. A mid-level hotel will charge around Rs 1000-1500 per day. For Total package cost, Please let us know your opinions regarding this tour package in the comment section below. Your suggestions mean a lot to us.
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