Munnar Kerala India

Munnar Kerala India
Munnar Kerala India

Kerala Munnar Trip

Hi friends I'm Bhimsen welcome to our blog I would like to share glimpses of my recent trip to Munnar. Munnar is a hill station located in the Idukki district of Kerala which is full of scenic beauty it is around 2,000 meters above sea level and enjoys a cool Pleasant weather throughout the year endless mountains' tea estates waterfalls lakes dams good food and kind people are all around the place many fun activities like boating trekking hill climbing are also offered for tourists.

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Munnar Trip From Chennai

Overall it's a great place for summer trips we travel from Chennai to Munnar for a four-day trip in December 2019 the nearest airport and railway station to reach Munnar would be Cochin which is about 120 kilometres away from there you can catch a bus or taxi to reach Munnar the private bus that we had taken from Chennai started at 8:30 p.m. and reach Munnar the next day around 10:15 a.m.

We had finished her breakfast at a place called Mario where our bus had stopped at 7:30 a.m. from the bus stop we took an order to reach our hotel which we had booked online the hotel people were kind enough to let us check in at 10:30 itself the room was quite convenient with a great view of the Tea estate we hadn't planned much for our day one of the trips after taking a shower we went straight to have lunch we ordered for some mutton biryani which was served along with some Popham pickle and Raita along with that we also had some beef fry the food was wonderful.

Places To Visit In Munnar

After lunch we went to haidle park the sunshine and that chilled weather was actually feeling very good here you can see an elephant cut out from a single tree from the path even straight to the team museum it was a very good place where we spent about one hour we got to see the tea manufacturing process, and also buy some pure tea varieties we then came back to her hotel room to relax for couple of hours in the evening.

We went to the town to see the local vegetable market, and the shops around we did pick up a little stuff for snacking which I will show later the nearby Tata Cara looked very tempting, and we decided to have our dinner there itself after coming back to our hotel room we enjoyed the three tomato which we had purchased we also bought some homemade chocolate's banana chips and tea varieties the second day we had booked a local taxi for sightseeing our first stop was the flower garden which is a very well maintained place with plenty of plants it even had some rare flowers and it's a great place for plant lovers on our way we saw a tree which had been combed in every single branch it was known as the jungle honeybee tree.

Next we saw the motto PT damn, and the Kundalini major attraction in these two places is the bow thing speedboat or board and pedal boats are available he also enjoyed some fresh carrots we had lunch at a nearby place called the nude theory which served very good homely food it was Carla red rice served with fish curry fish fry Samba Polly sherry, and some vegetable side dishes afternoon.

Tea Factory Munnar

We went to the tea factory where we saw the actual process of tea production and packaging Photography was not allowed thereafter seeing the top station view and clicking some pictures we headed back to a hotel room for dinner.

We again went to the same party Cara you can see the guy making kappa biryani this time we got some dried fruit varieties for sampling on the third day, we saw the color waterfalls, and the AutoCAD waterfalls these places are great for photo shoots.

Next we went to a Kerala farm where we got to see cardamom coffee and pepper plantations the place also sold Ayurvedic medicines homemade chocolates and Han lung saris.

Munnar To Cochin

Afternoon 3:00 p.m. we had to say bye to the beautiful place Munnar and take our bus to Cochin that night, we had dinner at Cochin we again had some local Kerala for like the Patrice Parata puta the beef Korean beef right we had only one daytime in Cochin, so we saw just a few places there we went to marine drive and took a boat to Martin Giri here we saw the Dutch Palace the Jewish town and the synagogue it gave us a feel of the Jewish settlements which was once in that place on the way we had a small snack of lemon soda and spiced pineapple piece.

Next we went to Fort Kochi there we saw the most popular Chinese fishing nets which was introduced by the Chinese traders for lunch we had kapa and fish curry which was made with fish that were just caught in the evening we enjoyed some local Kerala snacks in our hotel room in this plate, we have some Kolkata well lay upon may / 3 and oomiya poom he had it with a cup of college AIA we also tried the stuffed Patria and the param poori after sampling all these snacks we were so full that we had to skip our dinner in the night we caught our train back home on the whole it was a very pleasant and relaxing trip.

I hope you enjoyed reading the different places for more such interesting post do subscribe to our blog also check out my website bminfoweb calm see you again with more such interesting post until then bye-bye.
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