Lakshadweep Islands Tourism

Hey guys welcome back to Bminfoweb and I am here in Lakshadweep deep today actually I am sure a family trip it's me mum dad my thology, and I sis I'm the only in traveling with them this time and I'm here at Oxford a for the second time.

Lakshadweep Islands Tourism
Lakshadweep Islands Tourism

I came here in December at the same time in 2019 and I'm really looking forward to staying at this two other islands which I didn't cover the last time and so many of you people have been asking me how do you travel to Lakshadweep because you need to take a permit and yes you have to take a permit because they only allow a couple of people short because there's not a lot of places to stay here there are very few accommodations, so all you have to do is ask any travel agency and they will get the permit thing done see you and then you can visit Lakshadweep also please start booking way in advance because you have very limited spots as I told you so two three months in advance.

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I think you should pick to it and the last time and I stayed where I stay too booked at the last minute, so we couldn't get those AC Hut's which I have right here last time we stayed in tents at small island and refused to get rude usually hard during the afternoon so this time I'm hoping that we are will becoveredhey guys so what we do this is Bangaram one of the islands tena taro is where we stayed the last time it's somewhere - and we're just exploring this place, so I am making sure that I'm carrying this product around it's called iris its trump for you and it's like an I am Misato because I've been traveling so much and I'm not sleeping too well so my eyes I started getting a little puffy and before I got dark circles.

I want to just make sure that I have to sit up to get rid of that you just switch it on from here and it starts moving like that and it's very convenient to travel with it because it's very lightweight and you can just put it in your tiny backpack and carry it anywhere I make sure to use this in circular motions over my eyes so that my eyes don't look too puffy or like.

I haven't slept you're in a vacation hey guys, so we're just waiting for ourboard, and we still Ed Banger are we waiting for the boat so that we can leave and go to that class, and it's to port here evens in December it's so hard the only time which is good around here is either early morning or during the evening nothing saves the same always on the gold now never seem to slow down you'll be playing games but you don't pick up the phone now, but you know I'm never home now tell me when I'm out when am I gonna see hey guys, so we're finally here at cutmanand this is very a sting I'll just go outside and show you the view because it's so pretty.

I woke up at 6:00 in the morning to check out the sunrise of Cadmus Cadmusis like a very narrow long stretch of land in the middle of nowhere so either sides of just a half a kilometre of breadth of this island there's water and check out the beach you know you're always Bhimsen give me a sec hey guys I know it's super hard but I can't help myself actually want to go out for kayaking it's so much fun and on seven average every one of these island sat Lakshadweep if I made sure to go out during the sunset and do kayaking and the gods literally have to whistle em called me and my brother back so, it's really fun and it's super hard but Is till want to go galaxies are else hey guys so, it's our last day in Lakshadvip deep today and morning we went first not laying then we did banana port it was reallyfunny, and we just go and handing out a speech with mom and dad hello so it's our last lecture today and wear heading back tomorrow on this is LMS do you think that's my dad, so we're Bhimsen just go to khaki they never died and yeah you're heading my tomorrow.
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